Monthly Archives: May 2013


We have a couple of friends who have birthdays at the end of June.  Both male.  One is very interested in sea turtles and the other is a “desert soil scientist” for the Federal government.  So the green turtle will be for the friend who is into sea turtles and the brown one (or desert tortoise)ImageImage is for the friend who studies the desert.  I like how they both turned out. Cheryl, this was not a digital stamp.




Jackie and Jordan are on a swim team.  Every spring they have a swimathon to raise money for the team.  We pledge a certain amount per lap to help them out.  They each swam 200 laps this year.  These are the cards we used to mail the checks. 

More cards

I haven’t been putting many cards on.  Some just haven’t turned out very good.  While others turned out but the picture was blurry and you can’t see it very good.  I have been practicing coloring and I think I have gotten better. Overall, I think my cards have improved too.