Last August Birthday. . .


I was going to make a bunch of these “chicken” cards.  But Marty says “I don’t get it”.  Huh??? It’s a pun . . .  Oh Well.


Another August Birthday

August card

This is another August Birthday Card.  I took a photo.  It didn’t turn out as well a scan .  It’s going to a friend of Marty’s who lives in Seattle.  I am hoping it is masculine enough for a guy.

Jordan’s Birthday Card

This card is for Jordan’s 11th birthday.  She is a great swimmer and is on a swim team.  My husband suggested a card with a mermaid for her.  I used Copic air brushing for the first time.  I think more practice on that is in order, but I like how it turned out.

Happy Birthday to a special mermaid

Happy Birthday to a special mermaid