Valentine’s Day 2020

Halloween 2019

Cards I made for Halloween 2019.

Bicycle card

This card was fun to make. The bicycle moves and reveals the “happy birthday” sentiment.

August Cards

Here are several cards for birthdays and an anniversary for August.

Kellen’s 11th Birthday Card
Jordan’s 15th Birthday Card
This card is for a friend whose birthday is in August.
For anniversaries coming up.

There are several more cards coming up in September.

My card to Marty

This is my anniversary card to Marty. This year is 29 years.

Kacey’s Birthday Card 2019

Kacey’s birthday card has 3 pages, just like Jackie’s. Kacey’s birthday is on Easter this year, so I included bunnies and eggs.

Jackie’s Birthday 2019

Jackie’s birthday card has 3 pages!

Another fortune cookie 2019


Peacock Card Spring 2019

December 2018 Birthdays

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