Saguaro Birthday

Suguaro BD

I have used this birthday card for several people this summer.  A couple of people in June and someone in August.  I used ink and masking.  This cactus is in the red rocks of the desert with the blue sky and yellow-orange hot sun.

Jennifer’s Birthday Card


I thought I’d try the ‘ruffle’ card for this birthday card.

Jackie’s Birthday Card

Jackie turns 12 today — April 27th.Image

Birthday Card for Gary

Birthday Card for Gary

This is a birthday card for Marty’s brother, Gary, whose birthday is in April.


Jordan’s Birthday Card

Jordan's Birthday Card

This is the card I made for Jordan’s 9th birthday.


Birthday card for Kellen

Birthday card for Kellen

This was the card I made for Kellen’s 5th birthday.


Annabelle Sweetness

Jennifer BD

This is a birthday card for Jennifer.  It is the same little girl as in the card for Lindy.  Her name is Annabelle Sweetness.  This time I used a pink/gray color scheme.  After I took the picture, I put three pink buttons above the Happy Birthday sentiment.  I think it looks better, but didn’t retake the picture.

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